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The PhD in Psychology

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What is a PhD in Psychology?

The PhD in Psychology

A PhD in Psychology is a Doctor of Philosophy majoring in, for instance, Clinical Psychology. Otherwise, the PhD may be in Counseling or Research Psychology. It takes between four and seven years to complete such a doctoral program. The scientific model, often called empirical research, and academic scholarship are more emphasized than in PsyD programs.

An individual with a Ph D in Clinical Psychology and another with a PsyD often hold the same types of positions in the workforce, including consultation, policy-making, administrative, private practice, college level teaching, psychological testing, counseling/therapy and others. The PhD is more widely accepted as a teaching degree at some universities than is the PsyD.

The PhD in Clinical Psychology is geared more towards helping people with mental illnesses, as opposed to Counseling Psychology which tends to emphasize working with people on life issues. The PhD in Research Psychology often best qualifies the individual for research, academic and psychological testing positions. The PhD in Counseling Psychology tends to prepare people for private practice, or counseling, as the name implies, but also for testing and other positions. It may be helpful to remember that Counseling Psychology evolved from guidance and career counseling when recalling the difference between it and Clinical Psychology.



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