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The PhD in Social Work

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Are there any other related doctorates?

The PhD in Social Work

The PhD in Social Work is somewhat similar to the PhD in Psychology and the PsyD. However, it draws from various areas of Psychology, Sociology and a body of knowledge of it's own. It has it's own code of ethics and professional associations. Social Work is particularly geared towards disadvantaged groups. When assessing individuals and groups, it claims to be more likely to consider the effects of the environment on the person, as well as the person's individual psychology and Sociology's group behavior. This is a broad generalization, as there are various disciplines within Social Work, just as in Psychology.

A degree in Psychiatry is also similar in some respects to a Doctorate in Psychology. The two are frequently confused with each other, but a Psychiatrist has a medical degree. Both may see patients in therapy or counseling, although a Psychiatrist can prescribe medications: A Psychologist cannot prescribe medications, except currently in one state. Likewise, there are nursing degrees with a specialization in serving people who have mental illnesses, known as Psychiatric Nursing.



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