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Adlerian Psychology: Another Kind of Psychoanalytic Psychology

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What is Adlerian (or Individual) Psychology?

Adlerian Psychology: Another Kind of Psychoanalytic Psychology

Adlerian Psychology, also known as Individual Psychology, is concerned with the past and the unconscious, too. It also evolved from Freud's work. This Psychology, developed by Alfred Adler, views the individual as a unique being with a particular goal orientation expressed by his or her lifestyle. Creative ability is seen as a possible differentiating factor that interferes with relationships and relationships are viewed as a positive force. Lack of relationships, or poor ones, are viewed as responsible for social isolation and this, according to the theory, leads to neuroses. Although the person has many external pressures, a past influencing her or him, internal drives and an unconscious that all have their effects, she or he still has individual choice. Helping the person to see this and recognize choices, within a supportive relationship with the therapist, is the core of Adlerian (or Individual) Psychology practice.



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