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No Cramming Allowed

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Is it true that college students often have to cram all night?

No Cramming Allowed

You'll hear it from instructors. You'll hear it from college counselors. You'll even hear it from some some of your wiser friends. Don't cram. This means no foregoing sleep to study for a test, or to complete a reading or writing assignment. If you've planned and followed a complete, balanced and written schedule, you shouldn't feel compelled to cram. Cramming results in poor test scores, little information absorbed, sloppily written papers, poor health and take can several days of valuable time to recover your regular sleep schedule. You may hear some other students who claim they cram successfully: This just means they're taking risks with their college education.

If you find that you're often running up against deadlines, see a counselor about learning some more efficient time management and study skills. You may need to adjust your schedule for better balance and prioritizing, or find better ways to keep your study within time frames. If it's a one-time or once-in-awhile issue, talk to your instructor about extending a deadline for a paper or what to focus on for an upcoming test.



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