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Health and Mental Health

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How are health and mental health related to college success?

Health and Mental Health

Sleep, nutrition, exercise, socialization, avoidance of drugs and alcohol, and safe sex or abstinence are all a part of staying healthy while you're in college. While all of this may seem obvious, the need to let go after a period of stress lands many students in trouble with their physical and emotional health. It will take a good level of responsibility on your part to maintain a healthy schedule, choose friends wisely and take care of yourself while under the pressures of college. In addition, many students have outside obligations, such as work and families, that can make the stressors of college even more difficult.

If you become ill, see a doctor. If you find your attitude is slipping, see a counselor. Follow their recommendations. You are a unique individual, but not so different from many other students they've seen and advised. If you feel down for a period of time, find yourself drinking or using drugs to escape, or experience a frequent need to isolate yourself from other people, get help. There's no shame in this: In fact, getting help is wisdom.



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