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Is it okay to study or do assignments with other students in college?

Learn Together

Learning together can be a powerful way to study and complete assignments. Some of your college instructors will undoubtedly use paired or group learning methods in the classroom, such as by leading class discussions and assigning certain tasks to pairs and groups. Some instructors also assign work outside of class time to pairs and groups of students. The reason they do this is that they know you and your fellow students can learn in this way. You can use this method on your own too. This doesn't mean stealing the work of others, but does mean great opportunities to learn through exchanging ideas, reciting what is to be learned, reviewing your reading and asking each other questions. There is some benefit to having to put into words what you're learning, as well as hearing others' interpretations of the material.

Remember the old maxim that the teacher learns more than the student? It's true that helping another student, or even formally tutoring, also helps students who teach to learn. In a broader sense, any time that you study or work on an assignment with another person, you are also developing cooperative, team, group, communication, and perhaps even diversity, skills. If you find it difficult or frustrating, it probably means it's a great opportunity for learning those skills.



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