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How to Pay for College

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How can I afford to go to college?

How to Pay for College

See the financial aid office on campus or, if you're in high school, talk to an advisor there. Ask for the best advice for your particular circumstances. There are also many web sites, books and other printed materials that can provide you with financial advice concerning payment of costs of college. Scholarships, loans and grants are available to many, if not most, prospective students and current college students. Don't let cost deter you from higher education, but do be reasonable about choosing a college you can afford if it means you don't qualify for scholarships or grants. Think carefully, too, about whether to take out any student loans: Make sure that you're being realistic about what you'll be able to afford to pay back after you graduate. If the job market projections are good, you know you won't have other substantial obligations for the period of the loan and your field pays well, then taking out a college loan may be a relatively safe thing way to pay for some college costs.

Be sure to figure in the costs of housing, food, books and other materials, transportation, tuition, college fees, parking, car insurance spending money and anything else you'll for which you'll need to pay. Now is a good time to simplify and contain your costs too, perhaps by foregoing use of a car and reducing the amount of spending money you'll need. You may also want to consider part-time college attendance, giving you opportunity for more work hours while in college and reducing your college costs.



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