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Psychologist Average Salary Survey

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What is the average salary for a psychologist?

Psychologist Average Salary Survey

There is no simple answer which clearly explains a psychologist average salary. This is because there are too many other complex factors which contribute to this answer. Some of these factors may include both location as well as the specialized field of study of the psychologist. In general salaries of the majority of professions tend to be higher in large cities than they are in smaller rural areas and this is also usually true of the psychology profession. This is largely because employers compensate for the higher cost of living by rewarding the employees with larger salaries in the larger cities. Some statistics place the average salary for a psychologist at approximately $66,000 but care should be taken to compare this data with information which is specific for the location in which the psychologist wishes to practice.

The other factor which makes it so difficult to pinpoint an exact average salary for psychologists is the vast majority of career options available to psychologists. Some psychologists may have a private practice while others may be employed but schools or businesses. Still others may operate within the criminal justice system or in the area of laboratory research. Average salaries vary among these different aspects of psychology.

Related Tip: When considering the psychologist average salary, it is important to note that location and field of specialization are critical. Average salaries can vary widely from state to state and even from city to city within a particular state. Graduates who expect to practice in a particular area would be better off searching for salary information in their particular area as opposed to nationwide. This is important because salaries may be higher in other states but licensing requirements typically limit the psychologist to practicing in a particular state.



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