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Putting Your Psychology Degree to Use

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How can I put my psychology degree to use?

Putting Your Psychology Degree to Use

Graduates who obtain a psychology degree have a wide variety of options available to them in term of career choices. While working as a clinical psychologist or a counseling psychologist will generally require the acquisition of a doctoral degree such as a PhD, there are a variety of career options available to graduate who only obtain an undergraduate psychology degree.

Graduates with a bachelors degree in psychology can put their education to use in a number of different careers. This generally includes a variety of career which require successful professionals to be savvy about interpersonal skills. Many undergraduate psychology graduates find rewarding careers in fields such as business, personnel, marketing and criminal justice.

Obtaining graduate degrees, especially doctoral degrees, provide graduates with the most flexibility in selecting a career path. These graduates may choose careers in teaching, research, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, industrial and organization psychology and sports psychology.

Related Tip: A psychology degree of any magnitude can help a graduate to realize a dream of working in a field of psychology. However, more advanced degrees provide a greater variety of options to graduates. Therefore, students should be sure to verify the options which will be available to them before making education decision. Students with aspirations to become a practicing psychologist should plan on obtaining a PhD. However, they may first obtain an undergraduate degree and work in a peripheral field while pursuing a PhD in the evenings.



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