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Psychology Training for the Future

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What type of psychology training do I need for the future?

Psychology Training for the Future

The type of psychology training a student needs is largely dependent on personal and career goals. Students who have career aspirations to work as a professional licensed psychologist will require a great deal of training and education to achieve their dreams. In most states, licensing requirements for professional psychologists require a doctorate degree as well as passing difficult licensing examinations. Obtaining a doctorate degree will typically involve completing approximately 5-7 years of education subsequent to obtaining a masters degree. It will also involve the completion of a psychological dissertation.

Students who wish to use their psychology training either for personal use or to pursue careers which are only remotely related to psychology will require significantly less training and education than those pursuing a career as a professional psychologist. Graduates may find themselves well qualified for a variety of positions in sales, marketing, personnel and education with only an undergraduate degree in psychology. Graduates may even qualify for these positions with only a minor in psychology accompanying a bachelors degree in an unrelated field.



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