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Obtaining a Psychology Doctorate

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How do I obtain a psychology doctorate?

Obtaining a Psychology Doctorate

Obtaining a psychology doctorate is not a simple task but it is a rather straightforward process. Understanding the requirements of obtaining a psychology doctorate is certainly much easier than actually achieving this goal. Students must first apply to and be accepted into a doctorate degree program. The criteria for admission will depend on a number of different factors but most likely students will be required to obtain an undergraduate degree as well as a masters degree. Students will also likely be required to have previously taken a number of specific psychology related courses.

Students seeking admission to psychology doctorate degree programs will be evaluated on a number of factors including previous grades, scores on standardized tests, references and work experience, if relevant. Based on all of this information, the admissions board will determine whether or not a student will be admitted to the program.

Once a student is admitted to a psychology doctorate program, the student must still meet all of the degree requirements. This will likely include taking and passing specific courses, completing a psychological dissertation, participating in internship programs and performing research. The criteria for degree completion should be clearly outlined in the curriculum but students are advised to verify these requirements with a guidance counselor to ensure all requirements are met within the allowable timeframe.



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