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Psychology Majors

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Psychology Majors

Psychology is an excellent field of study because it offers multiple psychology majors for one to work and study under. Possible psychology majors that exist are those of human services, administration, community relations, public relations, market research, teaching and sales.
In the business area, popular jobs earned by psychology majors are those of an advertising trainee, insurance agent, personnel worker, employment counselor, occupational analyst and warehouse manager. A minor in business also goes a long way with these jobs.
For the mental health/social services area, jobs earned by psychology majors are those of a behavior analyst, director of volunteer services, probation officer, day care supervisor and a social service director. A minor in family and child studies would be very beneficial with these jobs.
With other positions, jobs earned by psychology majors consist of an affirmative action officer, community relations officer, hospital service representative, community recreation worker and a technical writer.
Psychology majors are college educated and job availability is very promising. Numerous colleges across the world offer excellent programs for a degree to be earned.



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