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Psychology Therapy

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Psychology Therapy

Psychology therapy consists of four psychodynamic models. These models are psychoanalysis, humanistic therapies, behavioral therapies and cognitive therapies.
Beginning with psychoanalysis, this deals with repressed anxieties about unresolved childhood conflicts. Developed by Sigmund Freud, techniques used to resolve the conflict are free association, interpretation of dreams and analyzing transference.
For humanistic therapies, causes under this theory are environmental stresses related to social issues. Effective therapy techniques for this are person-centered therapy and unconditional positive regard. The purpose is to improve one’s self concept.
For behavioral therapies, an evident cause is that of overgeneralization. Therapy methods are those of classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Created by Pavlov, classical conditioning is summed up as associative learning because a subject learns the relationship between stimuli.
For cognitive therapies, patients often have a poor belief system and have a great degree of helplessness attached to them. Patients are often depressed, the best methods to cure depression under this therapy are cognitive-behavioral therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy does not require medication but still focuses on changing one’s attitudes and beliefs through behavioral therapy techniques.



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