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Psychology Degree Tips

When it comes to Psychology Degree, we've been there, done that, now serving 271 tips in 28 categories ranging from Additional Types of Psychology to Using Your Psychology Degree.

What are the benefits of introspection?

Using Introspection on Yourself

When people have problems that they need solved in terms of mental health, one technique that they can try is introspection. People who suffer from internalizing problems such as anxiety and depression can use introspection on themselves in order to alleviate these problems.

Introspection lets people dig deep within themselves in order to find the root of their problem. Being in a relaxed environment is key for introspection because it allows a person to dive deep into their thoughts without being distracted. By finding the root of the problem, people can then work their way back in order to live a normal life.

Stress and depression are some of the worst things to experience because they hinder a person's life. Introspection finds the root of these problems, allowing people to live a happy life again.

What are the benefits of a BA in Psychology?

Benefits of a BA in Psychology

When people are deciding on a major, one option that is viable is a psychology major. People who get their bachelors in this area may think their options are limited, but there are some great careers paths that people can take.

For one, having a bachelors in psychology is great because it showcases that people have developed their personal skills. Jobs such as a manager or event planner would be ideal. These job require a lot of interpersonal skills, and having a bachelors in psychology certainly goes a long way in these fields.

Writing is another option for people who have this degree. There are a lot of writing intensive courses incorporated in psychology, which helps enhance a person's writing abilities. For these people, they can seek job such as a freelance writer and write topics covering mental health related problem. People may think that a BA in psychology is useless, but there are some great career paths that people can go down.


Funding Options for Psychology Majors

Seeking an advanced degree has become an expensive option to further your career. While there are considerable costs associated with obtaining a college degree, the earning benefits that you gain are well worth the investment on both a financial and time level. To help offset the cost of going to college, there are a number of options that a student can seek. While working at the same time as going to college is a viable choice, for some students it can hamper the learning experience.

A less expensive option from a personal financial standpoint is to seek out an academic scholarship. While this does require some effort on the part of a student, it is a successful way to find much needed funds. Depending on the scholarship requirements, there may be quite a bit of competition. These types of funding options usually require writing an essay. Work on presenting your best writing skills. Build a compelling case for your financial need. These are effective means to improve your potential in receiving the award.

There are scholarship offers devoted to specific degree tracks. For example, if you are enrolled in the psychology major, then you would want to seek out psychology major scholarship options. The website has an area devoted to psychology and lists a number of reputable listings for these types of scholarships. With a little planning and hard work, the process of paying for college can be easier on your pocketbook.



Psychology is a constantly advancing field in new theories and approaches. The professionals in this field recognize the necessity to encourage its' study by providing the fiscal draw to serious students through scholarship merit. Please, all followers of Freud and Jung, do not get "hung up" on your personal issues in the past and pounce on these opportunities in the moment that they exist.
A limited supply of scholarships are available to interested parties. Scholarship merit comes first, but serious consideration is given to provide scholarship to minorities as well. It is very important that grades, extracurriculars, and campus life participation overall lead in the decision for scholarship merit. Women of all races and men other than caucasion in origin are encouraged to apply for scholarship to minorities. Often, the tie breaker between race/ethnicity and/or sex and merit, outstanding scholarship merit above and beyond the expected will be granted scholarship first. An obvious aptitude for the field of psychology is a plus, although it may or may not play a part in the ultimate deciding factor for the scholarships available. Forms may be found in the financial aid office or ask the professors and instructors in the psychology department if they have one on hand. Efficiency increases by doing the latter as applying for scholarship merit or scholarship to minorities will also require at least one professor recommendation. Please note the deadline for application acceptance, as this is followed strictly to provide fairness to the other students.


College Scholarships For Psychology Degrees

With money being so tight, it is important to get colleges scholarship. Fortunately, scholarship funding is available through:

The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT): There are two colleges scholarships available here. Both of these scholarship funding opportunities are for $2,500. They are for those who are pursuing advanced degrees in marriage and family therapy, meaning that you must already have your license in this area of psychology and be working for a masters or doctorate degree.

NASP-ERT Minority Scholarship Program For Graduate Training In Psychology: Up to three awards of up to $5,000 each are given to minority applicants who have at least a 3.0 GPA and plan to work as a school psychologist whenever they graduate. You must also be a member of NASP.

The Clinical Psychology Scholarship: You can find a scholarship by using the Search Engine. This scholarship funding is available to those with at least a 2.5 GPA and show financial need. These colleges scholarship are worth $1,500.


PhD Psychology Degrees: Career Flexability to Last a Lifetime

Earning a PhD psychology degree is by no means easy. A doctoral program in psychology will normally require five to seven years of graduate coursework beyond a bachelor's degree, including a year-long professional internship. But if you have an interest in the social sciences and an aptitude for working with people, becoming a psychologist will provide you with a lifetime of job security, as well as an almost endless variety of career choices.

When most people think of psychologists, they think of the therapist you go to in order to talk through problems. This type of psychologist has a doctoral degree in clinical or counseling psychology and works in a hospital, clinic or in private practice. But a forensic psychologist, for example, might spend most of their time working with local law enforcement agencies or with the courts, testifying on behalf of children in divorce proceedings, or giving expert testimony on the likelihood of an accused criminal becoming a repeat offender.

Another type of psychologist is a school psychologist who works with children and young adults in their learning communities. Industrial psychologists are employed by the corporate world make work environments more productive. Research psychologists study how and why people behave the way they do. You can also become a professor of psychology with a PhD psychology degree. Your career possibilities as a psychologist are only limited by your imagination.

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