Psychology Degree Frequently Asked Questions

What is the doctorate for the field of psychology?

What is a PhD in Psychology?

What is a Psy.D.?

What is an EdD in Psychology and a PhD in Educational Psychology?

Are there any other related doctorates?

What is Behavioral Psychology?

Can you tell me more about Behavioral Psychology?

What is rationalism?

What is mechanism in Behavioral Psychology?

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy?

What is a Masterís in Arts in Psychology?

What is a Masterís in Science in Psychology?

What is a Masterís in Psychology?

Whatís a Masterís in Education Psychology?

If I know that I will continue on for a doctoral degree in Psychology, do I need a Master’s in Psychology or Master’s in Education?

What is Evolutionary Psychology?

Since Evolutionary Psychology isn't a distinct psychology, can I study Evolutionary Psychology?

Is Evolutionary Psychology of any practical use within a Psychology career?

What is psychoanalytic psychology?

What are the pros and cons of Freud's psychoanalytic theories?

What is Jungian Psychology?

What is Adlerian (or Individual) Psychology?

Where can I look for colleges that offer psychology?

Would it make sense for me to complete an Associate's in a community college or start on my Bachelor's in Psychology in a community college?

What are state colleges and unversities like?

Why might someone choose a private college?

What is Developmental Psychology?

How did Developmental Psychology come about?

How could I use developmental psychology in a psychology career?

Where can I learn more about developmental psychology?

What is Humanistic Psychology?

What has been the impact of Humanistic Psychology on our culture?

How is self-actualization related to humanistic psychology?

What has been the impact of humanistic psychology on education?

How can I possibly do everything I have to do in college?

How should I plan my time while in college?

How will I be able to do it all while I'm in college?

Is it true that college students often have to cram all night?

How are health and mental health related to college success?

Will I need to take notes in my college classes?

What's the best way to study in college?

Is it okay to study or do assignments with other students in college?

How can I develop a social life while in college?

Where can I go if I need help?

Can I get into college with my grade point average?

What should be in a college admissions essay or letter?

If I don't do well on the test the college requires, what should I do?

Where can I take the courses that the admissions criteria says I'm lacking?

How can I afford to go to college?

What is Art Psychology?

What is Sport Psychology?

What is Rehabilitation Psychology?

What is Human Factors Psychology?

What is Organizational Psychology?

What is Forensic Psychology?

What is School Psychology?

Where would I be able to work with a Psychology Degree?

Where could I work with a psychology degree?

Who would I serve in a psychology role?

Which is the best degree for getting a direct service job, such as in counseling or therapy?

Where might I work with a degree in Research Psychology?

What work in the field could I do with an Associate's Degree in Psychology?

What work in the field could I do with an Master's Degree in Psychology?

What work in the field could I do with an Doctorate Degree in Psychology?

Where can I find out more about the psychology job market?

What kinds of Psychology Degrees are there?

What is Clinical Psychology?

What is Research Psychology?

What is Counseling Psychology?

What is Health Psychology?

What is Educational Psychology?

What is Social Psychology?

What is neuropsychology?

What is Abnormal Psychology?

What is Biological Psychology?

What is Comparative Psychology?

What is personality psychology?

What is Experimental Psychology?

Is an Associate's Degree in Psychology an undergraduate or graduate degree in Psychology?

What is an AA in Psychology?

Where can I earn an Associate's Degree in Psychology?

Can I earn an Associate Degree in Psychology online?

What higher degrees can an Associate's Degree in Psychology lead to?

Is it better to have an AA or AS if I might later want to continue on for a Bachelor's Degree?

What kind of Bachelor's Degree can I get with an Associate's Degree in Science?

What is Cognitive Psychology?

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

What would I study in a Cognitive Psychology course or program?

How can I find a Cognitive Psychology education program?

How is Cognitive Psychology related to computers?

When will I have to choose my psychology discipline?

It's always a good idea to check with a career counselor when you want to know if you should choose a specific discipline and need help sorting through all of the possible variables involved in making a choice.

Is a Bachelorís Degree an undergraduate or a graduate degree?

What is a BS in Psychology?

Would there be any advantage to earning a BS, rather than a BA, in Psychology if I continue on for a higher degree?

Would there be any advantage to earning a BA, rather than a BS, in Psychology if I continue on for a higher degree?

What degrees would I need if I want to teach Psychology or use knowledge on Psychology in teaching?

What is the average salary for a psychologist?

How can I put my psychology degree to use?

Where can I research salaries for psychologists?

Does psychologist income vary depending on location?

How do I obtain a bachelor degree in psychology?

What are the different types of psychology bachelors degrees available?

What school should I attend to obtain a bachelor degree in psychology?

What is life like for a bachelor degree psychology student?

What psychology school should I attend?

What types of psychology colleges are available?

What is the Adler School of Professional Psychology?

What is the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology?

Where can I find psychology graduate schools?

How do I manage an online masters degree in counseling?

How do I pass graduate school psychology courses?

Where can I research graduate schools for psychology?

What are the prerequisites for earning a masters degree in psychology?

What are some of the most useful psychology courses?

How do I know if a psychology program is worthwhile?

What type of psychology training do I need for the future?

Can I take online psychology courses for continuing education purposes?

Where can I find accredited schools for doctoral work?

What are the requirements for completion of a a doctoral program in psychology?

How do I obtain a psychology doctorate?

How do I get into psychology doctoral programs?

What do I need to know about admissions to psychology schools?

What are the admissions requirements for psychology schools?

What psychology schools should I apply to?

How do I fill out psychology school application forms?

How can I obtain a counseling degree online?

What are my online counseling degree options?

What types of counseling degree programs are available?

Is it necessary to obtain a PhD in Counseling?

What are my online degree in psychology options?

What are the online psychology degree requirements?

How do I select online psychology courses?

Is an online psychology degree really valuable?

What types of online psychology degrees can I earn?

What are the secrets to obtaining psychology degrees online?

Are online psychology programs right for me?

Can I obtain a masters degree in psychology online?

Where can I find psychology degree scholarships?

How do I qualify for psychology degree scholarships?

What do I do if I still canít afford school even after earning a scholarship?

Can I lose my psychology degree scholarship?

What are the licensing requirements for a psychologist?

Are there any requirements for maintaining a psychology license?

How do I learn about psychology licensing requirements?

Where can I verify psychology licensing requirements

What are my options for a career in psychology?

Is it possible to change careers within the psychology field?

What are some available clinical psychology careers?

How do I become a psychologist?

What are the benefits of a BA in Psychology?

What are the benefits of introspection?

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