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Behavioral Psychology's Achievements and Criticisms

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Can you tell me more about Behavioral Psychology?

Behavioral Psychology's Achievements and Criticisms

Behavioral Psychology, or Behaviorism, is often both applauded and criticized for its emphasis on rationalism and mechanism. Those who believe Psychology can always, or almost always, be explained as conditioned behavior are drawn to Behavioral Psychology. Some people choose it because it reasonably accounts for certain psychological problems they're interested in exploring further, such as dangerous behaviors. Others choose it because they are drawn to the empirical science of it, or are particularly adept in science. Behavioral Psychology has been shown to be an important component of some types of learning, although not all. It has been used successfully for certain purposes, as in intensive behavioral interventions.

Criticisms of Behavioral Psychology, or behaviorism in general, often contend that human Psychology is too complex to take only an empirical and/or behavioral approach to it. Critiques include the views that human beings are; not as mechanistic, or like machines, as behaviorism suggests; able to change even their reinforced learning as may be needed or desired; and can learn in other ways too.



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