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The Impact of Humanism

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What has been the impact of Humanistic Psychology on our culture?

The Impact of Humanism

Psychotherapies under the heading of Humanistic Psychology include; the Feldenkreis Method, bioenergetics, encounter therapy, rational-emotive therapy, reality therapy and conjoint family therapy, among several others. Even Jungian Psychoanalysis is counted as a Humanistic Psychology, in spite of the fact that it is also referred to as belonging to psychoanalytic psychology. Yet, Humanistic Psychology, or humanism, has had a much broader impact than only in psychotherapies and human growth activities. Humanism has affected the burgeoning evolution of holistic health care, the feminist movement and other aspects of political and societal change since the 1960s. It is popularly credited with concern for self-esteem and the concepts of self-actualization, among many other popular ideas.



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