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Psychology Degrees for Counseling and Therapy

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Which is the best degree for getting a direct service job, such as in counseling or therapy?

Psychology Degrees for Counseling and Therapy

Most therapy and counseling positions require a Master's Degree in Psychology or a related field, such as Social Work. They usually don't distinguish between a Master's in Arts or Master's in Science. Before you decide, though, you should be sure to check with a few places where you can see yourself working to ask what the qualifications are for the kind of work you want to do. Ask for the human resources department or a person responsible for hiring therapists or counselors.

You may also find some relevant information from people you know who work in the field and from certain psychology career web sites pertaining to the location in which you hope to be employed. Once you have solid information written down, look at the range of qualifications. What are the qualifications in common between the sites you contacted? Did you contact at least four or five employment sources? Don't limit your investigation to less and try not to hear only what you want to hear. Apply some objectivity to the task. Later, you can combine this information with your more subjective inclinations. At first, though, you need to get the facts so that you don't go too far down an unrealistic or uninformed path.



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