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Job Opportunities with a Doctorate in Psychology

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What work in the field could I do with an Doctorate Degree in Psychology?

Job Opportunities with a Doctorate in Psychology

Private psychology practitioners can be licensed as Psychologists with a Doctorate in Psychology. This allows the professional to work in private psychology practice. Some states require a passing score on a test, a fee for the license and proof of the degree. Doctoral level psychologists are also frequently employed in schools, government programs, hospitals and other health care, in disability settings and other education, justice, human service and health care organizations.

They may work as counselors, psychotherapists, college-level instructors, researchers, consultants, trainers and several other capacities. They are often called on to supervise other employees, serve on committees, direct programs, conduct research, perform psychological assessments, serve as expert witnesses, write reports and academic articles and do other administrative and highly responsible therapy, counseling and training work.

For more information, you can ask professors who teach doctoral level Psychology courses and a career counselor knowledgeable in doctoral level psychology who may be based at a college or university; survey the job market in your intended locale; see the employment and recruitment ads; and check certain education and career web sites.



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