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More about the Psychology Job Market

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Where can I find out more about the psychology job market?

More about the Psychology Job Market

You can talk to a career counselor at a college or another location, look up information on the Internet or check in a library. One place to look is in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. This is considered an essential resource for job market projections. If you look at the Handbook or elsewhere, you can use the keywords; psychology, social work, human services, psychotherapists, counselors and other related occupations. Many of those are listed in the Handbook under, "Related Occupations" (2006). The Handbook can also tell you what generally required qualifications you would need. If using the Internet, you can pair your keywords with other keywords too, such as; careers, career projections, job market projections and so forth. The Handbook also lists projections by state.

In addition, you can see your state's Dept. of Labor, Employment Security and Workforce web sites for job market projections. They aren't listed on all state's web sites, but you'll find the projections for most states. Many colleges and universities list job market projections on their web sites too.



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