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Completing Your Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

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Is it better to have an AA or AS if I might later want to continue on for a Bachelor's Degree?

Completing Your Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Most courses you take for an AA or AS will transfer towards a Bachelor's Degree. Whether you choose a Bachelor's Degree in Arts (BA) or a Bachelor's Degree in Science (BS) should depend on three primary factors: 1) your career goals; 2) whether you're more oriented towards the arts or the sciences; and 3) any plan you may have for a certain Master's or Doctoral Degree.

If you've already earned an AA or AS and then want to change from Arts to Sciences, or Sciences to Arts, for your Bachelor's, you may need to consider the time and effort you'll need to invest in taking extra courses before and after acceptance into your preferred BA or BS program. In the long run, though, a few extra courses should never mean the difference between choosing your ideal education and career goals or not. What may seem like a frustrating delay to you now is likely to seem inconsequential in hindsight, especially after you've taken dozens of more courses for your Bachelor's and/or Master's Degrees. Remember that the point of education is really to gain as much knowledge and as many skills as you can.



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