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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

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What is a BS in Psychology?

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

A BS in Psychology is a Bachelor's in Sciences Degree with a major in Psychology. For a BS, emphasis is generally on General Education and the Sciences, in addition to Psychology. There are many human service jobs that require a BS, or a BA, in Psychology or a related field. The BS in Psychology is considered a paraprofessional degree. Yet, there are some professional positions filled by people with BS in Psychology Degrees. For example, you may choose to work in a setting where the BS, or a BA, is the highest degree required. There are also organizations where BS level personnel are supervised by people with masters or doctoral degrees. In the latter, there are often pay, role and autonomy differences in the workplace between employees with undergraduate degrees -- like the AS, BS, AA and BA -- and graduate degrees.

Since the BS requires greater emphasis on the sciences, it will better prepare you for an entry-level research job than will a BA. It also transfers more easily than a BA to a higher science degree. This doesn't mean you can't transfer to an arts degree to a higher degree in the sciences, but you would very likely need to take additional science courses before admission to a science program.



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