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Types of Psychology Bachelors Degrees

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What are the different types of psychology bachelors degrees available?

Types of Psychology Bachelors Degrees

Obtaining a psychology bachelors degree is a rather standard process. Most students will be required to take similar classes and obtain a similar number of credits regardless of the school they select. However, the real variations in psychology degrees exist at the masters and doctoral levels. While a bachelors degree in psychology would prepare an individual for a career in casework, child care, parole and probation, psychiatric assistance, and research or laboratory assistance. Obtaining a masters degree in psychology will usually require 1-2 additional years of educational training which will likely include some form of practical experience in addition to the classroom education. Those obtaining a masters degree in psychology may choose to concentrate on a specific element of psychology. Masters degree psychology graduates typically thrive in careers such as teaching in two year schools, conducting research in fields such as engineering psychology or industrial psychology and assisting in school settings as well as consulting in private and public facilities.

The doctoral degree in psychology offers the widest range of options but it also requires the most amount of work to obtain. A doctoral degree will typically require an additional four years of education beyond the requirements of a psychology bachelors degree. However, applicants who achieve this degree have the widest range of career options available to them.



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