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The Best Psychology School For You

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What psychology school should I attend?

The Best Psychology School For You

There is no simple answer to what is the best psychology school for you. This is because the answer to this question depends on a number of complex factors and is also largely dependent on the personal preferences of the student. Some of the factors which a student should consider when selecting a psychology school include reputation, size, cost and location. Students should carefully evaluate their own preferences regarding each of these factors and then investigate each school individually to determine which schools most closely match with the student's ideals.

Reputation of the psychology school is usually one of the easiest factors to evaluate. There are many reports published annually which rank colleges according to a number of different criteria and list the top ranking schools for a variety of different subjects. Students who wish to obtain a degree in psychology should review these lists carefully and consider applying to some of the top ranking schools. This will be helpful to the student because a degree from one of these institutions is likely to be highly valued by graduate schools and potential employers.

Next a student should carefully consider his personal preferences in factors such as size, cost and location. In relation to size, the student should consider the overall size of the school as well as the size of the psychology school. This is important because students who prefer a smaller school because they believe they are likely to thrive in this type of environment may inadvertently overlook large colleges who have a rather small psychology school within the college. The size of the psychology school is more important than the overall size of the college because after the first couple of years the student will likely spend most of his time associating with professors and students within the smaller school of psychology effectively making the college seem much smaller.

Cost and location should also be carefully considered. Some students may have a strong preference to attend a college away from home while others may prefer to commute. The location of the college will obviously dictate whether or not commuting is an option. The cost of the institution is also important because students will be required to pay any tuition not covered by scholarships or financial aid. Many students opt to wait until all scholarship and financial aid information is available before making a final decision. This will help to assure the student is able to afford to attend the chosen school.



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