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Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

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What is the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology?

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology is a school which offers a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree to students wishing to pursue a career in clinical psychology. Approximately 400 students apply for admission to the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology each year and only approximately 40-50 students are admitted each year. The school is quite discerning in the selection process and seeks out students who they believe will perform well in their challenging academic environment. This generally includes students who display an aptitude for clinical psychology.

The students are typically evaluated on criteria such as career potential, creativity, motivation, self awareness, sensitivity, emotional stability and responsibility. The admissions department uses these criteria in an attempt to select the students who are most likely to not only meet the minimal requirements for graduation but also excel within the program. Factors such as past academic performance, practical experience and references are usually taken into consideration when making a decision regarding admissions for a particular student.



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