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Finding Psychology Graduate Schools

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Where can I find psychology graduate schools?

Finding Psychology Graduate Schools

Each December the American Psychologist journal publishes a list of accredited psychology graduate schools. Students interested in pursuing advanced degrees in psychology can use this list to determine whether or not a school they are considering is accredited. This information can also be found online at the American Psychological Association (APA) website. On this website students can not only view a list of accredited psychology schools but will also find information on schools which were denied accreditation and schools which were previously accredited but no longer hold this distinction. This information is extremely useful to students considering psychology graduate schools as schools which are accredited will be most beneficial to the student in pursuing career options as well as additional degrees.

Students may also learn a great deal about psychology graduate schools through the career counseling office of their undergraduate school. These career counselors likely have a great deal of up to date information about the available options for students and likely are contacted by the schools periodically with updates about the school and the programs offered to ensure the counselors can provide the students with accurate information.

Related Tip: There is a great deal of information online in regard to psychology graduate schools. Students may opt to visit the website of a particular graduate school to learn more about the school or may visit websites which compile information on a number of different psychology graduate schools. However, before making a final decision about which school to attend, the student should verify the schools accreditation either through the December issue of the American Psychologist journal or through the American Psychological Association website.



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