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Researching Graduate Schools for Psychology

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Where can I research graduate schools for psychology?

Researching Graduate Schools for Psychology

Researching graduate schools for psychology is not necessarily a difficult process but it is one which requires a great deal of diligence on behalf of the prospective graduate students. Typically methods for learning more about psychology graduate schools include consulting guidance counselors at an undergraduate degree program, asking for recommendations from faculty members, searching online and reading psychology journals, magazines or newspapers.

Students who are in an undergraduate psychology program may find the school's guidance counselors as well as the faculty are an excellent resource for information about graduate schools for psychology. These individuals likely have a great deal of information on the available schools and have a variety of resources for learning more about particular schools in which the student may be interested.

Online resources can also be useful for researching graduate schools for psychology students. Many of the psychology schools may have individual websites which provide information about the courses offered, admissions policies and other useful information. Students may also find websites which compile information for a variety of different psychology schools. However, the caveat to using this type of website is the information may not be accurate and students should verify the information through other resources. The American Psychological Association (APA) website also provides information on which psychology graduate schools are accredited.

Psychological journals such as the American Psychologist may also be useful. Each December this journal publishes a list of accredited psychology schools. Additionally, students may find information about particular schools throughout the year. Likewise other print publications such as magazines and newspapers may publish information on top rated graduate schools which prospective students may find to be useful and interesting.



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