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Getting into Psychology Doctoral Programs

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How do I get into psychology doctoral programs?

Getting into Psychology Doctoral Programs

Getting into psychology doctoral programs requires sufficient test scores and grades as well as the ability to follow instructions. Students who are seeking admission to psychology doctoral programs should be aware that admission to these programs is very competitive and most doctoral programs have a relatively low acceptance rate. However, students are still encouraged to apply especially if they have grades and test scores commensurate with previously accepted students.

The application process for admission to psychology doctoral programs is a rigorous one. The application package will usually include application forms, an academic resume, a personal statement, GRE scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation. Each of these components is important and students should take care to ensure they provide accurate information representative of their capabilities in each component of the application.

Finally, students applying for admission to psychology doctoral programs should take care to follow instructions carefully. This includes submitting all forms by the deadline and not leaving out any relevant information. Failure to do this may result in the application being rejected for being either late or incomplete.



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