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Filling out Psychology School Application Forms

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How do I fill out psychology school application forms?

Filling out Psychology School Application Forms

Students who are applying to psychology schools will likely spend a great deal of time filling out psychology school application forms and completing the entire application process. The components of the individual application packages will vary from school to school but will likely include an application form, a personal statement, an official transcript, GRE test scores and letters of recommendation as well as the inclusion of a check to cover the cost of application fees.

When filling out psychology school application forms students should be aware that not all forms are the same and should carefully review each school's requirements before beginning the application process. Some students finding maintaining a spreadsheet of all of the schools to which they wish to apply, the deadlines for the application process and the application requirements is an excellent way to make sure each application is completed correctly and all required elements are submitted with the application package. This is very important because failure to follow directions or leaving out necessary parts of the application may disqualify the student from the application process regardless of his qualifications. Therefore the most important factor for students to consider when applying to psychology schools is ensuring all instructions are followed carefully.



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