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Online Psychology Degree Requirements

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What are the online psychology degree requirements?

Online Psychology Degree Requirements

The online psychology degree requirements may vary slightly from one school to the next. However, there are some general requirements which are fairly standard among candidates for a bachelor degree in psychology. These include a minimum number of total credit hours, a minimum number of credit hours within the psychology program including a number of both introductory and advanced courses and even the completion of courses related to mathematics, science or statistics.

Online psychology degree requirements will likely include a minimum number of total credit hours as well as a minimum number of credits in psychology related courses. Students should expect to be required to earn approximately 120 total credits with approximately 40-55 of these total credits being relevant to the psychology degree. The courses specific to the students major should include a number of required introductory courses as well as a variety of more advanced elective courses.

Online psychology degree students should also expect certain requirements in mathematics and science. This may include courses such as calculus, biology and statistics. Mathematics and statistics courses are necessary because they will be very beneficial to students in compiling, evaluating and understanding data during experiments. Science courses such as biology are also important for understanding aspects such as brain function.

Related Tip: Although most online degree requirements will require students to obtain approximately 120 total credits and roughly 40-55 credits within the school of psychology, students should also be aware some online programs will require students to earn a number of these credits in a traditional classroom setting. These online psychology degree programs will likely include this information as a prerequisite for admittance into the program but may also expect the students to participate in these classes in conjunction with online courses. Therefore, students should investigate the online degree requirements carefully before applying to ensure all requirements are thoroughly understood.



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