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Online Psychology Programs for Everyone

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Are online psychology programs right for me?

Online Psychology Programs for Everyone

Online psychology programs may not be for everyone but there are many students who find this type of learning to be ideal. Additionally, there are a variety of programs available to suit a wide variety of student needs. Before entering an online psychology program, students should carefully research the course requirements and carefully evaluate the characteristics which make students successful in online learning situations.

Students who enter online psychology programs should consider the following when deciding whether or not an online learning experience is right for them:

  • Their ability to learn independently
  • Their ability to focus and motivate themselves without a great deal of oversight from course instructors
  • The amount of time they have available to dedicate to course work
  • How well they feel they can succeed in a text based environment versus a classroom setting with lectures
  • Their computer abilities and whether or not they will be able to download course materials and communicate with instructors and peers successfully



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