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Qualifying for Psychology Degree Scholarships

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How do I qualify for psychology degree scholarships?

Qualifying for Psychology Degree Scholarships

Determining whether or not a student will qualify for psychology degree scholarships is almost impossible without knowing the specific criteria for the scholarship for which the student is applying. This is significant because each psychology scholarship is likely to have a different set of criteria for determining which applicants qualify for the scholarship. Scholarships can be granted on a wide variety of factors including academic performance, financial need, ethnicity or any other demographic defined by the agency granting the scholarship.

Psychology degree scholarships based on academic performance are the types of scholarships most people easily recognize. These scholarship opportunities are highly competitive and are given out based on the student's academic performance. For example a student applying for a scholarship to an undergraduate program will likely be required to supply evidence of outstanding academic performance in high school and on standardized tests. Psychology degree scholarships for graduate school programs will likely be based on the student's performance in obtaining an undergraduate degree as well as the results of his GRE examination.

Scholarships may even be offered on any demographic defined by the agency granting the scholarship. For example a police officer's union may grant scholarships to children of police officers in the union. These students may still be required to submit other application materials such as transcripts but may find these scholarship opportunities to be less competitive simply because they are only open to a smaller group of applicants.



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