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When Psychology Degree Scholarships are Not Enough

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What do I do if I still can’t afford school even after earning a scholarship?

When Psychology Degree Scholarships are Not Enough

Psychology degree scholarships can be very beneficial but unfortunately sometimes they are simply not enough. Scholarships which only cover a small portion of the required tuition require students to find other methods of paying the remainder of the tuition. For students who do not have a significant amount of savings or anyone to assist them in paying for school there are other options. Just because a scholarship does not cover tuition fully, a student may still be able to attend school and earn a psychology degree. Taking out a student loan, working while attending school and applying for financial aid are all ways a student can pay for college.

Additionally, some students may opt to take some time off to work fulltime in order to save more money for college. These students may wish to take some courses during the evenings or on weekends so they are still advancing in their academic career while saving money to attend school fulltime. However, care should be taken to pay attention to time requirements for obtaining a degree. This is important because some degree programs may require the students to complete all courses within a set time period.



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