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Understanding Psychology Licensing Requirements

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What are the licensing requirements for a psychologist?

Understanding Psychology Licensing Requirements

The psychology licensing requirements vary from state to state but typically include earning a doctorate, passing a licensing exam and practical work experience under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. While each state may have their own specific criteria for obtaining licensure in the field of psychology the general requirements listed above are very common. The completion of a doctorate degree will typically involve 5-7 years of graduate study. Students will also be expected to complete a psychological dissertation to earn a doctoral degree.

Most states also require applicants for licensure to have passed the Psychology Licensing Exam. Additionally, some states may even require applicant to take supplemental examinations or submit essays with their application. Most states also require a certain amount of practical work experience before a graduate can apply for a psychology license. This is typically about 1-2 years of experience and the work should be performed under the direct supervision of a licensed psychologist.

Even after obtaining licensure, the psychologist may still have limitations on the type of work they can do. This may include limiting the licensed psychologist to areas in which the psychologist has been sufficiently trained. Additionally, licensed psychologists may be required to participate in continuing education programs to maintain a valid license to practice.



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