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Maintaining Psychology Licensing Requirements

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Are there any requirements for maintaining a psychology license?

Maintaining Psychology Licensing Requirements

After a graduate has completed a doctorate degree, worked, under the direct supervision of a licensed psychologist, passed the Psychology Licensing Exam and met any other requirements for licensure defined by the state in which he wishes to practice he is eligible to apply for a license as a psychologist. However, even after a psychologist obtains a license he still must adhere to certain criteria to maintain his license. The criteria for maintaining a psychology license typically involves participation in a continuing education program as well as following a code of ethics.

As psychology licensing requirements may vary from state to state, the continuing education requirements for maintaining a license also vary from state to state. However, a psychologist should expect to be required to demonstrate he has completed approximately 36 hours of continuing education each time his license is due for renewal. These continuing education courses must be approved by the licensing board.

A licensed psychologist should also adhere to a strict code of ethics while practicing. Failure to do so can result in the license being revoked. Therefore, the psychologist should be aware of all requirements and make a concerted effort to avoid actions which will make him susceptible to losing his license.



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