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Career in Psychology Options

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What are my options for a career in psychology?

Career in Psychology Options

The options for a career in psychology are virtually limitless; however, it is important to note that many of these career options require specific degrees. Students may opt to obtain a bachelors degree in psychology, a masters degree or a doctorate degree. Within each level of degree there are a variety of career options which range from business positions to owning a private practice as a clinical psychologist.

Graduates who only obtain an undergraduate degree in psychology still have a variety of career options available to them. They may wish to pursue careers in sales, marketing, personnel, criminal justice and education. Here graduates may work in careers which require them to use skills they obtained while pursing an undergraduate degree but do not require individuals to hold advanced degrees or professional licenses.

Psychology career options for masters degree graduates may include teaching at a two year college or any of the career options available to students with only an undergraduate degree. Additionally, masters degree graduates may be eligible to pursue careers in clinical or industrial and organizational psychology but will likely be required to work as an assistant in these fields.

A doctoral degree in psychology enables a graduate to pursue the widest variety of options for a career in psychology. Some of the available options include teaching and research, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, industrial and organization psychology and sports psychology. Graduates who wish to work in one of these specific areas will likely have taken a wide variety of courses pertinent to the career path.

Related Tip: A career in psychology is a worthwhile endeavor which may lead graduates to a variety of career options. However, the bulk of psychologist positions will require a doctorate. However, students with only an undergraduate degree or a masters degree may still find a variety of career options which enable them to utilize their education. This may include working in any field which requires participants to utilize a variety of interpersonal skills. Career options for these graduates may include case workers, counselor's aids, personnel directors or criminal justice workers just to name a few. However, those who have a doctorate degree may pursue other career options which require licensure such as clinical psychologist, sports psychologist and forensic psychologist.



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