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When to Choose Your Psychology Discipline

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When to Choose Your Psychology Discipline

All Psychology Schools Tip: It's not unusual for a student to decide that a particular direction on the education and career path is wrong for him or her. Changing direction may be easier if this is done at the undergraduate level of psychology school or from within a fairly eclectic master's or doctoral program where there are other choices. Yet, even though it feels like a huge investment of time while you're in psychology school, if you'll regret your education choice, changing to another program or college may be the best decision. For instance, if you've been studying behavioral psychology, but realize that your strengths lie in clinical psychology, it might be time to change. Often times, students want to stay within the same major, but find out they are better at one discipline than another. The benefits of studying psychology is there are many disciplines to choose from, such as counseling, industrial and neuro psychology. In the long run of your education and career, a few years on a path that doesn't fit you aren't very significant. Besides, you will have learned something, and maybe many things, that will still help you in the future. It's far less common for any student to choose a path and stick to it without a change of direction along the way than it used to be.



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