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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

All Psychology Schools Tip: A Bachelor's Degree in Psychology is considered a foundation for many graduate degrees and professions: It's sometimes a first step to a higher psychology degree or a related field. Higher psychology degrees are the master's, specialist and doctoral degrees. These include the: Master's in Arts (MA) majoring in Psychology; Master's in Sciences (MS) majoring in Psychology; Master's in Psychology (MPsy); less commonly, the Specialist in Psychology (SPsy) and other Specialist designations in Psychology; Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) majoring in Psychology; and Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD). A master's must usually be earned before acceptance into a doctoral program, although there are also some programs that combine earning the Master's in Psychology along with a Doctorate in Psychology. There is also a Psychology Degree in Education programs, such as the Master's in Education with a major in Psychology (MEd) and Doctorate in Education (EdD) with a major in Psychology. Educational Psychology emphasizes practice in schools and other teaching and consulting environments, with an emphasis in education, research, administration and/or educational and psychological testing. There are also specific types of Psychology Degrees, as opposed to degree levels and related fields, including Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Psychology of Medicine and Organizational Psychology, as just a few examples.



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