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Research Psychology

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Research Psychology

Research psychology is an interesting aspect of experimentation that deals with how humans think, feel, act and learn. Research psychology strives to answer questions on physical problems of the human brain and work to find treatments for problems like memory loss.
There is money to be made in the field of research psychology, as many of these psychologists work for government offices, universities and private corporations. One could even be a professor in this field since it requires a doctoral degree.
There are numerous aspects involved in the field of research psychology. One will be required to propose theories, make sure experiments meet ethical guidelines, conduct interviews, publish experiment results, apply for grants and attend conferences. If one is an animal lover, they might want to consider another field of psychology to study under because laboratory experiments with rats, monkeys and even pigeons will be mandatory.
Comparative psychology correlates greatly with this field as it is concerned with the behavior of animals. It is concerned with animals by the behavior and mental life of them.



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