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Associates in Psychology

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Associates in Psychology

An associate degree in psychology will give you the basic research skills needed for further advanced education in the discipline. Most jobs require an advanced degree and study. There are jobs that someone with an associate degree in psychology can get.

In the field of psychology you can work at a residential treatment center for kids or adults as a staff member. You can interact with clients under the supervision of more experienced and educated staff. At a state mental hospital or regular hospital you may be able to be a psychiatric technician. An information counselor at a drug or mental health hot line is another job possibility. Although harder, there are jobs for someone with an AA in psychology. Doing volunteer work while going to school or an internship often will help someone with an AA in psychology find a job.

An AA in psychology will qualify you for other jobs like a research assistant at a market research company. Some of the research and survey techniques you learn with an AA in psychology will be helpful for this career. Many research companies want someone that knows how to understand consumer needs when selling products. Surveys and questions in a controlled environment is how companies design products.



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