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Associate Degree Psychology Courses Can Prepare You For A Career In The Field Of Mental Health

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Associate Degree Psychology Courses Can Prepare You For A Career In The Field Of Mental Health

The term psychology refers to the study of the mind and finding ways to assist patients with problems associated with mental disorders. Students who are interested in this field should pursue associate degree psychology programs. With this type of beginner degree, students learn essential skills that are needed to fully understand the principals and methods of psychology. Associate degree psychology courses introduce students to the signs of mental illness, and diseases that affect the mind. Graduates with this type of degree can continue their studies and earn a Bachelor Degree in Psychology.

The course of study for associate degree psychology classes include an extensive list of subjects including mathematics, social and cognitive psychology, and humanities. Successful students who complete the program will understand how to identify mental illness, recognize brain and behavioral problems, medical terminology, clinical procedures, and diagnostic training.

Academic psychology covers six different areas of studies. They are abnormal, biological, cognitive, developmental, personality, and social. Abnormal psychology is the methodical and systematic study of abnormal thinking and behavior. Biological psychology scientifically studies the biological foundation of behavior problems and mental illness. Cognitive psychology is a study in the primary behavior of mentally ill patients.

Developmental psychology studies changes in thought patterns related to environmental or biological influences. Personality psychology is the study of personalities according to theories based on individual opinions, and social psychology studies the cause and nature of mental illness and social human behavior. These core academic psychology courses will prepare you for a successful career in psychology.



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