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Bachelors in Psychology

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Bachelors in Psychology

There are various careers that someone can take in the Psychology field. It is a broad area that can range from a variety of topics. Many times when someone chooses this field they go into something that is highly based on social services. There are many counseling and case management positions that would fall into this area of expertise. Some people choose to use their psychology degree to work with at risk youth.

In some cases a person that has a bachelor of psychology degree will use it as a stepping stone to get into other markets. Some people go into criminal justice, sales,broadcasting, or even teaching after obtaining a degree in Psychology. Psychology is a subject that would be beneficial for everyone to learn more about. Since this is an undergraduate degree, an enormous amount of writing and research goes into psychology classes. So anyone that is pursuing this should recognize this before making it their major. If someone is wanting to become a licensed psychologist then they would need to pursue a doctorate in Psychology. A significant number of students do not take this route because they realize how far a bachelor degree psychology can extend and they used the knowledge gained in the workforce.



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