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An Undergraduate Psychology Degree Offers Flexibility

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An Undergraduate Psychology Degree Offers Flexibility

Many people who pursue undergraduate psychology degrees plan to move on to further education to receive Master's or Doctorate degrees, in order to become a professional psychologist. However, an undergraduate psychology program without an advanced degree does prepare one well for a number of career opportunities. Undergraduate psychology coursework helps students develop critical thinking and solid people skills. Many graduates of an accredited psychology program move on to pursue careers in human services, public relations, advertising or market research. An undergraduate psychology background helps one develop solid research and analysis skills that can be invaluable in many business settings. Research also indicates that many undergraduate psychology students move on not to an advanced degree in psychology, but to graduate programs in business school or law school. Receiving an undergraduate psychology degree provides a great amount of flexibility and versatility to pursue either advanced psychology education or transition into other governmental, educational or business fields where a solid understanding of people, critical thinking and analysis skills are crucial. The job outlook for those with a background in undergraduate psychology is both excellent and full of a variety of opportunities.



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