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The Mechanism of The Brain and our Behavior

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The Mechanism of The Brain and our Behavior

The world of psychology is an interesting aspect of the human mind and how it all works. We have a certain mechanism in our brain that helps us cope with a world in which we live. Sometimes, our mind will only let us tolerate so much, before it starts to protect us from our thoughts and feelings. There are several different types of defense mechanism including repression, regression denial, projection compensation, sublimation and more. The behavioral approach is the way we handle different things that happen to us.

From a psychological standpoint, the mind is a very complex part of our body. The behavioral approach is the way psychologists grasp the concept of how we act. It is most observed for observation, just watching how one behaves and reacts to things happening around them. There are many different approaches to the mechanism of the brain and one cannot figure out our behavior roach just my observation. You also have to consider someone’s upbringing, the morals they were taught, and compassion that they might have for others. Not everyone’s behavioral approach will be the same. Some people have more feelings and care than other people.



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