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Behavior Therapy

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Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy has been around for approximately 57 years. Behavior therapy can help you overcome some of the problems that people are experiencing today. It is also a form of counseling teaching people how to handle their emotions. Some of the behaviors they can help are:

* Intimacy in couples including trust issues and forgiveness.

* It can also help children with bad behavior that they display and some of the more common problems we see today including ADHD, OCD and depression.

* Classical conditioning is also known as behavior therapy.

Emotion psychology helps you to deal with all the different emotions people experience. Emotion psychology is also the state of predisposed thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

* Emotions and there behaviors are linked together.

* Emotion psychology can include feelings such as happy, sad, angry, fear, excitement, disgust, disappointment and other feelings.

* When these behaviors are present, people usually act on what they feel.

Behavior therapy and emotion psychology go hand-In-hand in helping you learn to deal with different problems you may have in your life. Behavior therapy can also help you understand why you feel and act the way you do.



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