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A Range of Psychology Disciplines

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A Range of Psychology Disciplines

Psychology studies human behavior and mental function. In general, psychology disciplines fall under either basic or applied science. The psychology disciplines within the basic sciences include niches such as social, abnormal, experimental or cultural psychology. Applied science is typically made-up of clinical, occupational and health niches, among others. There are a vast number of specific sub-fields within the realm of psychology disciplines, covering almost every imaginable topic. Some professionals focus on psychology experimental approaches such as developmental, perceptive, emotional or social disciplines. Other professionals specialize in very narrow niches such as mathematical, ecological or even traffic psychology. Some of the most general or common psychology disciplines include behavioral medicine, cognitive psychology or psychotherapy. All psychology disciplines work to accomplish similar goals, which is to understand and solve problems within different areas of human activity. Psychologists will generally focus on either practice or research, and can be found working in a number of fields. Depending on the psychological disciplines, professionals often work in clinics, schools or research facilities as well as in business capacities such as in legal, media, sports or forensics settings.



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