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Find a Online Counseling Degree Program

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Find a Online Counseling Degree Program

There are a lot of opportunities to receive a degree from schools that offer online counseling degree programs. The following are a list of colleges that have online school counseling degree programs:

1. Grand Canyon University (GCU)-This is a Christian-based school that is private and non-denominational. GCU uses something called Angel, which stands for ‘A New Global Environment for Learning’, which is designed particularly for online learning. The types of counseling degree program available at GCU are:
• Masters in Addiction Counseling
• Masters in Professional Counseling

2. Real-world practicioners who specialize in their field and instruct the class teach Capella University-Students. The type of online school counseling degree they offer are below:
• Human Services-Counseling Studies (MS)
• Human Services-Couple, Marital and Family Counseling (MS)
• Human Services-Mental Health Counseling (MS)
• Psychology-Counseling Psychology (MS)

3. Walden University-This private, graduate institution offers education catered to those who work. They offer the following online school counseling degree.

• Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling
• Ph.D. in Human Services in Counseling

Outlook on Employment for a Counseling degree:

The outlook on employment for a counseling degree depends on the degree, type and position. The growth of counseling employment for all professionals from 2006 to 2016 is projected to improve 21% with an increase of 136,000 new jobs. In the area of behavioral disorders and substance abuse there is an expected 29,000 new jobs, an increase of 34%. In the areas of vocational, school, and educational counselors there is an expected increase of 33,000 new jobs, an increase of 30%. In the area of family and marriage counselors there is an expected increase of 7,000 new jobs, an increase of 30%



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