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Working Towards a Counseling Masters Degree

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Working Towards a Counseling Masters Degree

So you want to get a counseling masters degree? Wanting a counseling masters degree and getting one are two different things. Some choose to work with the education they have before or while working on a masters. Because earning a masters degree can be very expensive, many people plug away at it while working in their chosen field. Often, the master’s degree is simply the launching pad into a higher paid position.

By the time most people are ready to begin their counseling masters degree, they already have a fair bit of experience and adult responsibilities to consider. Many universities offer the option of obtaining online counselling masters degrees, making it a viable choice for people who can’t move or quit work to attend university.

Unfortunately, many people shy away from online learning, thinking it’s an impersonal way to learn. However, technology makes it easy to see others in your “classroom”, communicate directly with other students and faculty, and provide instant feedback opportunities while you progress through the program.
Obtaining your counselling masters degree can be a long process, especially if you’re plugging away at it bit by bit while working full-time. Whether you take it online or in the classroom, a counselling master’s degree can be done. It just takes time, money, and patience.



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