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Psychology Universities

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Psychology Universities

Students who are interested in the study of human behavior, or how social and environmental activities can trigger unhealthy mental functions should consider a career in psychology. Psychology is defined as the study of human and animal behavior, their thought processes, and how they interact in their environment. Psychology universities offer graduate programs in behavioral neuroscience, clinical and cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and social or personality psychology. You should decide which program you would like to study before you start submitting enrollment applications to psychology universities.

A highly rated university that has trained a large number of west coast psychologists is the California School of Psychology. Interested students will need a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50, a combined verbal and quantitative graduate examination record score (GSE) of 1100 to 1200, and graduate school of education courses (GSE). Students will also need to prepare a Statement of Purpose outlining their educational goals and professional outlook. Your statement should be no more than two pages long. The California School of psychology has locations in Berkeley, Santa Barbara, and Thousand Oaks.

When researching enrollment applications and requirements for the California School of Psychology and other top psychology universities, you should also find out about financial aid and student housing.
A large number of universities offer housing for married students, ask if your name can be added to the waiting list when you apply for enrollment. You should also inquire about the program's guidelines regarding school based and community internships, and their time sequence.



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