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What a Counselors Masters Degree Offers You

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What a Counselors Masters Degree Offers You

Although (usually) formal licensing isn't offered through a counseling Masters degree, recipients still receive a specialized education that focuses on higher-level positions and skills in the human services field. Folks with prior undergraduate degrees in sociology, psychology, counseling theory or similar areas might find this further line of study exciting should they prefer a non-clinical program with a focus on managerial aspirations.

Course work will vary depending on the post secondary institution and counseling Masters degree, but most programs offer classes that cover specialized topics in ethics, regulatory requirements, therapeutic services, counseling theory, intervention strategies, various therapy techniques, methods of providing services (i.e. group, individual), assessment, and consultation.

Some counseling graduate programs also offer specialties for the learner to zero in on, such as:

- The Adler School of Professional Psychology's counseling Masters degree emphasizes a "socially responsible practice", yet their Masters in Counseling and Organizational Psychology program pinpoints professionals looking to expand their skills in areas such as team building and regulative business management.

- Lesley University's Masters degree in Counseling Psychology centers on their commitment to "interventions and consultation skills with children and adults in community settings."

The average time to complete a counseling graduate program is 24 months, although some institutions require up to four years of study.



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